Main Street Events


Mount Pleasant’s Porch Concert Music is a monthly event that offers free concerts on the lawns of some of Mount Pleasant’s most beautiful homes. Local residents provide the venue and all you have to do is bring your chairs, blankets, and coolers.

So come join your neighbors and enjoy an evening of great music. Concerts start in April, run through the summer, and end with the final concert in October.

Food trucks are on site. This is a free concert, open to everyone.


Nestled at the heart of the community, the small town farmers market springs to life. Every 3rd Thursday, residents, and visitors are welcome to enjoy an evening stroll through Mount Pleasant’s Historic Downtown District as shops stay open until 7:00 pm.

Musical entertainment, special events, and an outdoor Farmer’s Market are set up on The Square. Locally grown fresh vegetables, farm-raised beef, pork and chicken, and fresh bakery goods are offered by local farmers. You can also discover delicious artisanal goodies and a lively community atmosphere that celebrates the best of our region.


Mount Pleasant Main Street is the host of the Paint the Town Plein Air Art Festival, held annually in the Historic Downtown District on the third weekend in May.

This 3-day juried competition includes classes and demonstrations by visiting artists, Third Thursday Farmers Market, a Porch Concert Music Series event, and art activities for the kids. It ends with a public Quick Draw competition.

Art pieces are offered for sale throughout the event.


In the sultry summer days of July, Mount Pleasant recognizes “man’s best friend” with our Dog Days of Summer Celebration.

Our Historic Downtown District hosts food trucks, contests, games, and our shops and restaurants offer special “treats” for our furry friends and their owners. Of course, musical entertainment is provided.


Christmas in Mount Pleasant is a magical time in the Downtown District. Our historic small town comes alive with an enchanting allure during the Christmas season. As you stroll through the town's charming square, you're greeted by the warm glow of twinkling lights adorning trees and storefronts. The town's centerpiece, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, stands tall and proud, casting its radiant glow on the joyful faces of visitors and residents alike. Friendly locals bustle about, bundled up in cozy coats and scarves, exchanging heartfelt greetings and spreading the cheer of the season. Carolers gather on street corners, their harmonious voices filling the air with classic melodies that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Shoppers meander in and out of the town's boutique stores, which offer unique crafts, handmade ornaments, and one-of-a-kind gifts that reflect the town's rich history. In this historic small town at Christmas, time seems to stand still, and the traditions of the past blend seamlessly with the joy of the present. It's a place where the spirit of the season is not just celebrated, but cherished, creating memories that will warm hearts for generations to come.